Training Day #2

Slow is fast.  That is what I have to keep telling myself.  There is a whole world of new things for Lad to learn and it is hard to patient.  From the moment he moved in we started house training, crate training, just general “this is how you live here” stuff.  So much to learn.

You can pee in the yard but not on the kitchen floor.

You may not howl all night long.

You can chew the toys in the green box but not the couch.

The cat does not like to be barked at.

Touching feet is nice, you get treats.

Sometimes there is food in the crate just waiting for you to eat it, check there often.

“Lad” means come running fast.

Monday was the first “official” day of puppy training.  Slow, going slow.  We introduced the clicker and what it means.  Today we worked on Sue Ailsby Level 1, “come game”.  Reinforcing coming when I call his name as well as working on not jumping up on people.  I never train with a little puppy for more than about 5 minutes at a time so we just played, my son and I called him back and forth across the room for a while.  We practice similar when I take him outside to “go potty” (working on this cue already as well).


What can I say about Lad so far?  He is clever, and stubborn.  He refuses to have anything to do with using the pen for his business and will hold it for as long as he has to not to do so.  I am working on training him to eliminate on command in hopes I can train him to use the pen that way.  So far he is picking up commands very quickly.  He is curious and into everything.  House training is going well and he sleeps mostly through the night (a little whining here and there).  We will see how things go as he ages.


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