At House Of Quad

lad lad1

Took a step forward in our training, first trip to House of Quad.  Probably the biggest reason I chose to go with a puppy as a SD prospect instead of an older dog who would have been ready for mobility work far sooner is because both hubby and my youngest son both skate roller derby.  We spend 3 or more days a week at HOQ at derby practices and bouts so my SD needs to be able to handle the noise and activity.  Kids, adults, skate sounds, yelling, whistle blowing, just a lot going on.  I got permission from the wonderful KP to bring Lad with us to practice to start socializing now so he will hopefully be ready.

Wednesday was his first trip and it went wonderfully.  Wednesday is our longest night, Juniors practice followed by a brief break while the ladies have their scrimmage/practice and then Men’s practice.  Lad took it all in stride.  He greeted the kids and parents, played with the toys I brought for him then fell asleep for most of juniors practice.  I took him out for a potty break then back inside where he played with some of the kids hanging around for a few minutes before he fell back asleep.  He slept through the scrimmage and the majority of the men’s practice on my feet.  I had been concerned the sounds of the skates would bother him or maybe the whistles but nothing even phased him.  Even the kids skating right around his head didn’t wake him.  He woke at the very end of men’s practice and watched them for a few minutes before going out for a finale potty break and then greeting the guys.  Lots of good socialization.  Hardest part was the trip there and back.  He is still not a fan of the car.


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