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Yep, ears are still crazy.  Big deal this week is learning “go to” command.  Lad isn’t impressed but he is working with me.


Default Settle

Late posting for this week (a week late actually, going to try to catch up several posts together).  We had a week of good weather, let the kids take a week off of school and spent a good bit of time working on leash skills.  Things are coming along, doing better on the down-stay, sit, and LLW/heel.  We even got some work in on “in front” blocking.  The big break through for last week was “settle”.  Lad now defaults to laying next to me on the floor when I am working on the computer and when at HOQ he will “settle” when I ask him to.  He will also lay down by my feet (or on them) when I stand to talk to people.  It isn’t perfect, sometimes he gets excited and distracted, he is still a puppy but this is huge.  He is coming along very well and I am very proud of him.  We will continue work on his “settle” as this is a big command for him.  I am going to find a good blanket for him to use.  IMG_3624

Cuddle Puppy

The weather is still working against us for getting out much.  Winter weather has turned quickly to rain storms.  We have been able to make several more trips to House of Quad, Lad loves everyone there.  I need to work on setting boundaries with the younger kids on how they interact with him, too much playing and distracting.  Probably need to discuss greeting, petting, maybe giving treats but then backing off.  This isn’t my best thing so it is something I need to work on.  The older kids are great about it which helps.  Lad is doing well with attention and behavior, still not fear.  We were able to work a little on leash manners in the parking lot, just going to have to steal whatever time we can.


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We had another snowfall.  This time it was nice soft snow and really deep.  TX doesn’t get a lot of snow but I am glad Lad was able to experience it a couple of times so he will know what it is.  Lad sure did enjoy running through the snow, eating snow, and bouncing in drifts.  I think he may not enjoy the summer heat as much.


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Lad is 13weeks.  He is getting bigger and more rambunctious now.  Training is going well.  We took another trip to House of Quad, still no fear of skates, whistles or the general chaos that goes on there.  People in skates now equal fun to Lad which is great.  The kids had some cupcakes so we spent some time working on “leave it” in a place other than home with something higher value than kibble.  It went really well.  His focus was great.  So far no accidents either.  We do need to spend some time learning to walk on a leash.



Now we are 12weeks, not impressed sitting in the corner for pictures.  Training is going well.  Solidified my theory that male dogs are easier to house train, he has pretty much understood that he “does his business” outside from day one.  Even coming to get some one to let him out was easy for him to learn.  He now knows “sit”, “down”, “zen”, “touch”, “settle”, “crate” and “get it”.  None of it is perfect but not bad for a little guy.