Default Settle

Late posting for this week (a week late actually, going to try to catch up several posts together).  We had a week of good weather, let the kids take a week off of school and spent a good bit of time working on leash skills.  Things are coming along, doing better on the down-stay, sit, and LLW/heel.  We even got some work in on “in front” blocking.  The big break through for last week was “settle”.  Lad now defaults to laying next to me on the floor when I am working on the computer and when at HOQ he will “settle” when I ask him to.  He will also lay down by my feet (or on them) when I stand to talk to people.  It isn’t perfect, sometimes he gets excited and distracted, he is still a puppy but this is huge.  He is coming along very well and I am very proud of him.  We will continue work on his “settle” as this is a big command for him.  I am going to find a good blanket for him to use.  IMG_3624


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