Teething, Training, And More

Lad has reached 20weeks pretty uneventfully.  Some days I feel like we are behind and other days I feel like we have accomplished more than I could have hoped for.  I have been sick a good deal and the weather has been poor; snowing, cold and so much rain.  Lad is an amazing dog, adjusting his energy level to suit what I can handle, really everything I could hope for.  He is always eager to try anything when training and his focus even in busy environments is wonderful.  This weekend we attended “Paws at the Park” and while he was a pretty typical happy puppy checking out the other dogs and people (I am actually thrilled with this, at this point I want him to be excited and resilient) he also managed to focus on me, sit on command and lay down at ease while I stopped to talk to friends and exhibitors.  He really was excellently behaved.  We even went to lunch at a local diner where he laid under the table on the patio while we ate.  He stood a few times and checked things out but he wasn’t a nuisance and we were able to eat in peace (he didn’t beg or bark at the other dog on the patio).


His training is going as well as I could really expect.  He knows many cues now, the basics and more.



Leave it

Back up






Other Paw



Bring It

Get It




Paws Up



Watch Me

And we are working on a few more things like weaving.  He has learned to close a door and is working on retrieving objects and holding objects.  Right now he is teething and most mouth work is on hold as he doesn’t seem to like holding things in his mouth at the moment.  He really is a joy to work with even if he isn’t quite as eager to please as some dogs he enjoys working and rewards.

IMG_3709 IMG_3713


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