Under the weather

Quite literally, the rain has not let up.  We have been stuck inside for weeks now.  Lad also had a bout of diarrhea, trip to the vet got him all fixed up but it was pretty unpleasant for a while.  He is a little trooper, made it out to the pen every time but I did not enjoy getting up 4 times a night to run him out.  Vet said it was just a little bacterial thing, maybe he picked it up at Paws in the Park, maybe from drinking out of rain puddles, hard to tell but not uncommon in puppies at all.  Hopefully he will not have a repeat.

Otherwise he is doing pretty well.  Growing fast, enjoying life with the other dogs.  He is getting into more mischief around the house.  Just more active than he was as a younger puppy, wants to be into more things.  He is more active when I take him to HOQ so it is more work to keep him settled.  Having a harder time keeping the younger set of kids from mobbing him which doesn’t help.  He is doing excellent with his loose leash walking, all of the time spent working on off leash heeling in the house must be paying off I guess.  He was wonderful walking in the parking lot.  He also put his upper body into my lap (we have practiced this when I sneeze and he is worried about me) when the men’s practice was over and all of the guys came over to get their gear off.  I don’t know why he did it, he loves the guys and wanted to greet all of them but first he wanted to lick my ears and face for a few minutes.  Possibly the beginnings of an anxiety alert?  We’ll see.


We have gone back to the basics on training.  We are just working on off leash heeling, sit/stay, down/stay, come, touch, and place commands primarily.  I want to have those really nailed down before moving ahead.  He was having some confusion with hand signals and offering the wrong behaviors for the wrong cues.  He is actually still doing it so we are just going to keep doing what we are doing until I feel like he is rock solid before adding new behaviors.  As much as I enjoy teaching fun tricks it isn’t worth confusing him over.




IMG_3791 IMG_3794



IMG_3750 IMG_3754 IMG_3755 IMG_3757


Finally had enough good weather to go outside and play in the yard.  Lad enjoys fetch.  Unfortunately it started raining again and it looks like it will be storming almost every day for the next week so our play time will have to be inside for a while.  Lad is still teething, his stomach is a bit upset and he is uncomfortable.  His energy level has increased and he is starting to become an adolescent.  Sometimes he blows me off when I give him a command.  The world is more interesting that listening to me these days, not all of the time but sometimes.  We are going back to basics and working from the ground up.  No problem, we have plenty of time.  He won’t be able to really work until he is 2 anyway.  No need to rush and burn him out.