Balloon Festivals, Shakespeare, Birthdays, and renovations

Another month is slipping away.  This month has seen some big changes for our family.  My oldest son turned 14, his party is this weekend (almost 4 weeks after his actual birthday but we wanted his friends to all be back in town for the party).  As a gift we completely redid his room, no more fishy border (that the old home owners put up for their baby’s nursery), no more ugly carpet (and it was gross), no more plain white walls.  He now has “leap frog green” walls, sealed concrete floors, and area rugs, as well as a flat screen TV and a video game system.  Very cool teen room going.


Unfortunately I found myself less than useless at most of the more labor intensive tasks and when I pushed myself too hard painting I regretted it for most of a week.  My stomach and joints still haven’t fully recovered.  I’m afraid a trip to the doctor is next on my list.

Lad was able to accompany us on several outings.  We went to see Shakespeare in the Park again, it was a blast last year and again this year.  Lad was a bit fidgety but did manage to get through it without too much trouble.  He accompanied us to The Highland Village Balloon Festival, that was a little harder for him.  Just entirely too much to see and quite a few dogs.  I also took him to Lowes with me on a trip to pick up some painting supplies.  He did very well with that trip.  Not a whole lot exciting at Lowes though he was very nervous walking past the tile display and I had to take him a different direction.

There has been an upheaval in our lives in the loss of our derby facility.  Tim and Terror are feeling it the most, particularly Terror whose team has not found another facility yet.  Tim’s team was able to secure practice space at another rink but the juniors are still without a rink or other training place.  I had come to rely on HOQ to help with training and socializing Lad so it was a blow in that as well.  If he is ready I can start just taking him to rinks in general but I don’t think we are quite there.



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