We got bathed, did our nails, and loaded up in the car for a trip to the mall.  I made plans with a member of the local service dog group to do an assessment of Lad.  This was huge for me, I knew I was possibly going to hear that my dog was not fit for SD work.  Just going into a mall with a dog was tough but we made it into the building and nothing happened.  The world didn’t end, no one shooed us out the door or told us we didn’t belong there.  By the time I made it to meet Chandler I was starting to feel a bit calmer.


The assessment went well.  Lad was his regular derpy self.  He wanted to play with her dog (obviously he needs more training but that is not my big concern here, he is not even 9months old yet) and he wanted to love everyone he saw.  She felt like his temperament was good and gave me advice on working through his present stress.  She thinks this probably is just a matter of slow maturity, adolescence and a fear period, that we can come back from it.  So we will work on training and reassess from there.  This helps my anxiety.


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