New Training Protocol Day 1

We now have a new training protocol, more about trying to get past whatever fear/stress Lad has around wearing a leash and gear plus leaving the house than about learning new things.  With that in mind I want to keep a log of how that is going.  So, without further ado, day 1.

It is important to reduced excess energy before training, I took Lad out for two good play sessions in the yard before starting training.  The second session was right before training.  I put up the other dogs so there would be no distractions.  The point is to take the excitement/stress out of everything associated with leaving the house so today we started with normal training in his harness and leash.  As soon as his harness and leash were on he started panting and pacing.  I found that he refused food or let it fall out of his mouth if he took it.  He would follow me in a nice heal but was slow to sit and wouldn’t follow any other commands while his leash was on.  In the interest of helping him calm down I took his leash off and proceeded with just his harness.  He calmed with his leash off and began taking food and swallowing most of it.  He was able to follow commands like sit, down/stay, under, mat, paw, block, circle, and bow.  We kept the session sort and ended with a jackpot of food.  He was very tired when we were done and went to take a nap.


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