New protocol day 3

Day 3 of our new training regimen and things are going well.  I took Lad out to run off some energy twice before training.  When I put on his harness and leash he began panting but managed to settle and took food but not well.  After working for a little while he took food a little better.  We tried walking into the hallway but that made Lad a bit more nervous.  Seeing the balance discs helped him feel better and checking out K’s bedroom seemed to help more.  He laid on my feet while K and I talked about his school work but his panting returned.  He didn’t want to leave the bedroom right away but he responded to the “out” command.  We walked up and down the hall a little and he was able to relax and start taking food again.  We even checked out the bathroom without any big issues.  Back in the living area we walked a few more circles, sat, downed, and then I released him.  Again he was calmer with the leash off.


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