New Protocol Day 6

Lad’s new vest arrived today so we changed up training a little to work with the new vest on.  He was a bit excited to be wearing the new vest but he did settle in and work after a shaky start.  We did more work in the hallway, he is still anxious about going down the hall and into the bathroom but getting better each day.  Working well on just voice commands, doing blocking and down/stay.  When I took the vest off he seemed disappointed that we were not going out.

We did have an outing today, a trip to Denia Park for Derby practice.  It is just a big open park, there is an out door hockey rink and basket ball court the women (and new men’s team) are practicing on and they have invited the kids to use the basket ball court if they need it.  We decided to check it out.  Only Melon and one other kid made it but Tim has committed to making sure the kids have a program so we’ll be going.  There is a nice little playground next to it, K played for a while.  I took Lad to watch Kearnan play (because there were benches there) but there was a man with a reactive/aggressive dog who sat down about 20 feet from us and the dog was lunging and barking at Lad.  Lad is whiny around other dogs, he wants to greet them and play which is something we need to work on but this dog was not in a playful mood and the man just kept yelling at it and yanking on it.  We finally got up and moved over to the court where the kids were skating.  Lad did have a difficult time just laying down and being calm.  I think a lot of the issue was that the ground was still pretty warm.  It wasn’t unbearably hot but it was a bit uncomfortable.  Even with his cooling mat it was not nice.  Next week I will bring a folding chair and sit off the side in the grass so he can be more comfortable.  I will also remember water for both of us.  His buddy brought him water and came to lay on the ground with him for a bit (which of course excited him but he loves her and hasn’t seen her in a month).

He did get whiny when he noticed one of the derby skaters had brought her dog.  Luckily her dog was very calm and just laying around watching the skating so we were able to work on focusing on me and ignoring the other dog.  That is still pretty difficult for him.  He really wanted to go check out the new dog (I may try letting them greet if the dog is there next week, I am pretty sure it is friendly).


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