Petsmart and Starbucks

We had to take a couple of days off of training.  It seems Lad was stung or otherwise injured his toe and of course he licked it which made it worse.  Wearing “the cone of shame” and training at the same time was just too much.  Today he is more back to normal so we had a short outing.  We had a little trip to Petsmart to get weighed, Lad is 57lbs now.  It wasn’t the best outing, Lad was super distracted pulling and whining.  He doesn’t handle pet stores well and seems to take Petsmart worse than others.  Every time he saw another dog he would whine and pull, even other people caused him to pull and whine some.  He could not seem to stop trying to sniff everything, “leave it” had no effect on him.  He tends to get jumpy in stores so it is hard to work with him, he is super distracted and jumps whenever I try to get his attention.


The next stop was Starbucks to sit on the patio.  He did better there.  He was still stressed, lots of panting and some yawning, but he was able to tuck nicely (under the table and under my legs).  He never did fully calm down and whined some on and off.  I never really got his attention which was disappointing.  I’m still concerned he will wash out.  I’m also still concerned about his size, 57lbs is small.


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