In the Backyard

A big issue Lad has been having is an inability to focus in the backyard.  Today we moved our new training outside.  Now 2months anything he could do inside he could do in the backyard, that is no longer the case.  In the yard Lad might as well be deaf, I have to go get him to get his attention (though he is great at retrieval still, chasing a frisbee is more fun than “come”).  I want to work on “come” means “return to me right now” not “drag back if you feel like it” and “Lad” means “pay attention to me” not “keep doing whatever you were doing”.  Unfortunately Lad will not take food outside.  As long as he was on leash he was responsive, did as he was told, but he was clearly stressed and would not take his rewards.  I eventually released him and allowed him to play frisbee.  When we came inside I tried working with him again but he still would not take food.  We quit for the day.


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