Denia Park

Tonight was Derby night, since HOQ closed things have been up in the air.  Tonight we were at Denia Park for practice, naturally Lad came along.  Denia is a giant park, with rec center, a couple of play grounds, several ball fields, and the hockey court the kids skate on.  Tonight I discovered an empty batting cage and let Lad run for a while.  I wanted to work on his off leash commands, he is iffy on recall or really any commands when there are distractions (so really out of the house at all).  We played fetch with a squeaky toy and worked on recall, down and sit.  He did all right, still need to work on recall and down/stay.  He walked nicely with me to the practice court, down to the field, to the playground and back to the practice court.


During practice Lad had a hard time settling.  The ground is hot so I’m sure he was uncomfortable laying down on it.  He was reasonably calm standing near me but would not lay down.  When another dog showed up he became over excited, whining and pulling to try to get to her.


We stopped at Tractor Supply after derby to pick up dog food.  He did well walking in and down the isles but when we got to the check out he got spooky.  Terror and I were looking at some wagons near the front and he was very jumpy, tucking tail and giving whale eye.  He pulled hard trying to get out of the building shying away from the fans in the entry way, the same fans we had passed on the way in without problem.  He started pulling hard, slammed against my legs and I nearly fell over him.  This seems to happen a good bit at TSC, not sure why.


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