Entryway day 1

For training today we moved to the entryway, first step to moving outside.  For 10minutes we stood with Lad refusing to take food and becoming more stressed.  Lots of lip licking and yawning, he did offer some eye contact but when I praised him and offered a reward he refused it.  Finally he accepted a bite of food, refused some more, accepted another bite, we eventually got to the point of him taking food and working reasonably well.  We worked on walking (not far) and blocking.


Tonight we went to Denia park.  Lad was doing much better walking nicely beside me and being attentive to staying at my pace while we walked from the car to the park to set up.  We then went to play in the batting cages we found last week.  We played some fetch and worked on some recalls.  I worked him on off leash heeling, he did very well.  There was a little league team playing tee-ball on the field right next to us and he was interested in them but managed to stay reasonably well focused on me, only looking at them a few times.   When he was worn out we walked back, he walked pretty well all the way back as well.


He did a lot better accepting food and paying attention to me this time.  He is still refusing to “down” when told, or he will down but not remain in down even though the ground was not nearly as warm today.  His biggest issue is whining.  He whined at the guys playing hockey on the court, he whined when he was bored, he whined when there were other dogs (he whined really loudly and pulled to get to the other dogs, he loses any kind of focus with other dogs around), he just whined a lot.  I was able to get him to walk with me, and go through some commands even with a puppy in the distance, but getting him to lay down and be still wasn’t possible.  And the whining continued.


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