Training Class

Took Lad to a little informal training class at Ft Woof Dog Park this evening.  The class was led by a fellow SD handler.  There were not many people there, the sky was dark, weather was promising rain, but I felt like it was important to get out.  It was just one family with a new puppy, the trainer with her 3 dogs and Lad and me.  This was probably best for Lad’s first class, he is in the middle of “jerk face adolescence” and a fear stage so he is a bit of a handful.  He has gone from a dog who I think easily could have passed CGC to a dog who gets quite hyper around people and out of his mind around other dogs.  He isn’t aggressive or even reactive, he is just whiny and wants to play.  He will listen to me, to a point, but not like he needs to.  I can keep him in check usually but he will just stand and whine, or, he will jump and make a fool of himself.


We just spent time working on him being calmer around the other dogs.  When he was calm we rewarded him.  She did feel like he has a good temperament for SD work, he just needs to mature and work on his couple of issues (not that they are huge issues just puppy stuff).  She said he is doing well and I’ve done good work with him so that felt great to hear.  However I have now heard twice that he probably won’t get as large as I would like/need.  Going to keep working with him and watching him but I’ve run the numbers several times and really 80 would be pushing it 90-100 would be far more comfortable.  I don’t think he is going to make that.


There was a photographer at the class tonight and she got some good photos of Lad

12022223_946329648759756_1950858814_o 12026416_946329762093078_421990059_n  12047506_946329782093076_490727933_n


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