One Month Later

It has been a month and a lot has happened.  Lad has not grown unfortunately.  He is over 11months now, probably close to his full adult size now.  He will fill out over the next year or so but he will not get much larger.  As difficult as this has been I know it is not fair to him to try to do mobility work with him.  After much thought and time spent discussing it we decided that placing him with another handler or at least family would be best for him.  I did not feel he would ever be able to accept me working with another dog making it too stressful for him to stay.  My friend with K9 Assisted Independence has offered to take him into the program and place him with a puppy raiser to finish out his training/maturing and eventually match him with a handler.  She believes she has a handler in mind for him as well as a raiser.  He will most likely be leaving in the next week or two to start the next part of his training journey.  This is not what I had in mind when I adopted him and it is going to be difficult for both of us.  We have not spent more than a few hours apart since he was 9weeks old.  I’m going to miss my big Lad.


The last month has also brought other changes.  We have had a visiting puppy from K9AI.  Just a temporary foster that I have been helping with as his raiser had to back out at the last moment.  He has been great, a blank slate as far as training but needed a good bit of help as far as confidence.  He has been washed out of SD work but he will be going on to an adopter who needs an ESA.  He will be leaving next week.


We had a small house fire the middle of last month.  We were lucky, no one was hurt and the fire could have been much worse.  We spent a week at a friend’s house while the house was thoroughly cleaned.  We are back home now but the bathroom (where the fire happened) is still waiting to be rebuilt.  Just a little added level of stress during this already stressful time.  Max was actually amazing during the whole fire upheaval.  He stayed with me, sticking close and cuddling.  Now it is just a matter of getting the house back to normal.