13 Weeks

Well she is 13 weeks now and settling in.  I think I finally have a name for her, Yarrow.  In flower language Yarrow means “healing” but it also happens to be the title of the first Charles De Lint book I read as a child and started a long term love with his writing (I have a large collection of his work).  I have told Tim I probably should have called her Chaos, maybe Riot.  She is quite the troublemaker but I think she has potential anyway.


I am trying not to compare her to Lad or Hobs (really not Hobs, that isn’t fair).  Lad was such an easy puppy but to be honest I don’t think he had quite the right drive to enjoy the work and it did make training a lot less fun with him.  Little Yarrow sure loves the game.  She is always up for training.  She isn’t super soft, which I appreciate.  House training is going well, so long as we keep a close eye on her and take her out as soon as she signals she needs to go.  She is doing better going in the pen as well, though she doesn’t love it.  Crate training seems to be going well too, no more screaming half the night.  She does excitement pee a little, hoping she outgrows that soon.


So far training is going very well, we are trying to take it easy but she really loves it.  She picked up sit very quickly and we are using sit to try to prevent jumping, but she loves to pounce/jump on people so we will have to keep working on that.  Down is a work in progress, she likes to paw at my hands but she gets it more than 75% of the time now.  “Release” on cue is also going well.  Nose target (no command yet) is also coming along and I am using it to start teaching a walk at heel.  She is learning paw targeting and her focus is excellent so we have worked on adding a cue to it as well.  We also worked on “settle” which she does very well.  We have done some work on “come” but I don’t expect reliable recall for a long time.  I do hope she will be as good as Freyja one day.  I feel like it has been a good start for a puppy.  I am hoping to start getting her out for some socialization as well.

IMG_4619 IMG_4620


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