Working away on training, trying to maintain this as a training log.  Today we worked on “come” which is going very well.  Yarrow has “sit” pretty much perfected and “down” is coming along quite nicely.  We spent some more time working on the heeling position.  She struggles with jumping, she is just a very bouncy puppy, lots of energy, but she is so engaged that training with her is fun (if a bit painful with the nipping and claws, must remember to trim those).  We also worked some more on paw targeting today and that went so much better than I had anticipated.  I am thrilled with the progress she is making so far.  I brought out one of the pods and she managed to put both paws on and sit and stand.  We will keep practicing, I am hoping to be able to work up to pivoting as well as rear paw targeting.  She is also doing very well with the “crate” command and doing her business in the pen.  Now if I can just get her to stop peeing on concrete.


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