Puppy training is hard work.  Lots of repetition, just working on the basics and nothing really exciting.  Yarrow is making great progress in house training, and using the pen, which may not be exciting but at least she isn’t peeing in the house.  Her “sit” is pretty solid now and her “down” is also coming along.  Her focus is quite exceptional, without any cue, which I am excited about.  She is well on her way to a solid recall.  Things are looking very promising, slow is fast and she is doing very well.


Yesterday I introduced “puppy zen” which of course is the basis for self control and “leave it” which will be important not only for a nice home companion but also if she is to do PA (public access training) later.  I was a little apprehensive, she is super food motivated and doesn’t have a lot of what I would consider self control, but clearly I was underestimating my little firecracker.  All of that focus work and sit don’t jump work must have paid off because she caught on super quickly.  It didn’t take her long at all to reason out that trying to maul the food out of my hand wasn’t going to pay off and she would need another tactic.  So she looked at me, “Click” we had food.  Well she knew how this worked, we were off to Zen.  Today she is doing even better, open palm, no problem.  We even managed food on the floor.  Doesn’t look like Zen will be an issue for her.  Just have to remember not to move too fast, build it slow so she doesn’t become frustrated.  This little girl is really wowing me.


IMG_4624 IMG_4628

Not necessarily a calm puppy.  Chaos might have been a better name for her.


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