Yesterday I introduced paw targeting.  As I expected Yarrow took to it quickly, she is very paw oriented.  Today she was able to “target” on command and go to the target from a few feet away.  Huge progress on that.  We also saw progress on “paws” with keeping both paws on the pod and standing with paws on the pod.  I think she is finally starting to connect the behavior I am asking for.  “Down” has been a slow command to come, she sort of lunges out at me and tends to be quick to try to jump back up.  A down stay may be hard for her but I am hopeful, we just keep working at it.  We had some more improvement with both standing and walking in the heel position, until she became excited.  She isn’t breaking to front as frequently anymore anyway.  Today I clipped a leash to her collar, just let her walk in heel position with it attached, no tension at all.  She had more difficulty but it may have been related to excitement vs the leash.  We will continue to work on that.  She has been having more success with the “go potty” command as well as “come” and sitting and waiting for her dinner.  Her impulse control is improving daily which is impressive.  I also think we are starting to bond.  I was worried I wouldn’t bond with her, between having to wash two SDiTs in two years and her being female it is a lot.  She is starting to win me over.


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