Wipe Your Paws

Working on training today, going over the basics and adding some new things.  “Paws” doesn’t seem to be happening.  Sometimes she will put both paws on the pod, other times she just stands there (or sits) with one paw on it and stares at me.  I don’t think she is connecting the behavior with the word at all and we aren’t getting anywhere with it right now as she just tries to hit my hands if I point or encourage her at all.  Targeting is going very well, she will paw the target or walk several feet to hit it.  Nose touching is also going reasonably well.  Retrieving is unfortunately not going anywhere, she tries to use her paws instead of mouth so we are shelving that until I get a retrieval dumbbell to try with.


Today we introduced “mat” and “wipe your paws”.  She was very keen on standing and sitting on the mat so that went well.  I think she will have “go to mat” down quickly and we can start using the mat for extending down stays and other place commands from there.  I have a second piece of foam that I can use to send her between for place training.


As we are not using the towel for retrieval I decided to introduce a fun trick with it, “wipe your paws”.  Naturally as a paw based behavior she picked it up quickly.  She is still a bit shaky, the behavior isn’t clean yet but we are getting there.  I think it will be a cute trick (and useful for wet weather) when we work on it a bit longer.


IMG_4651 IMG_4652 IMG_4653 IMG_4655 IMG_4657


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