Puppy Shots

Big outing day today.  Yarrow got her last set of puppy vaccines.  She is a big girl now.  Well, figuratively as well as literally.  We drove to TCaP in Denton, then realized we were at the wrong place and had to drive to the shelter where the clinic was actually taking place.  Everyone was along for the trip, Blue, Freyja and both of the boys (to help out).  Yarrow is still having a hard time in the car but she is doing better, no vomiting and she only actually fussed for the first 10minutes.

We waited in line for about 20minutes with many other dogs, Dad held Yarrow (just in case, don’t want to risk germies for the puppy) then we got our vaccinations.  Yarrow was a hit with all of the people in line and the staff, of course.  Everyone commented on how cute, and how large, she is.  Freyja and Yarrow seemed completely unphased by their shots but Blue definitely noticed.  She didn’t pee though so, all in all a success.  Also a really great deal on the vaccination package, the shelter was sponsoring the rabies shots so everyone was covered for $65.  Great day.  They are all ready for boarding while we are away (going to miss my puppy though).

On the way home we stopped at Starbucks and the Barista noticed our furry passengers.  The girlies came home with Pupacinos to ease the sting of the injections.  Not a bad bargain.  Everyone was pretty tuckered out from the car trip and the vaccinations.  After their Pupacinos they took a nap.


13220918_10154028316340269_4614973162831182169_n 13226760_10154028316510269_9036120678726834940_n 13241344_10154028316535269_2341885867149131119_n 13256029_10154028316410269_5763856786007058962_n


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