Pivot and Denia

Since our trip to Florida Yarrow has had a bit of backsliding in her training.  Not really any surprise there.  Her basics still look good but we had a couple of rough nights with her barking in her crate and a few crazy romps round the yard when she refused to come when called.  It could just be coincidence, she is going through new phases of course and we have had several summer storms keeping us all cooped up inside so she is a bit rambunctious.  It does leave me needing to implement new management techniques when taking her out to do her business and working harder on her recall training.  Her basics are still strong and we are working on some new tricks.


Sit, Down (with added duration), Come, Touch, Target, and Leave It, all look good.  We are now working on “Go to Bed”, “Wipe Your Paws” which is looking good but I’m trying to make clearer, “Chin” which is also pretty good, “Paw”, “under”, “here”, and yesterday we added “Pivot” to work on back end awareness.  The retrieval dumbbell arrived but she is still refusing to put it in her mouth, I am unsure as to how to proceed from here with it.  I did get her to put the clicker in her mouth so we may drop the dumbbell and try a different item.


We also made another trip to Denia for socialization.  She is shy with new people but warms up with time.  She still does not like the car ride which unfortunately causes her to balk at approaching the car and means I have to carry her which is becoming much harder for me to do as she becomes heavier and heavier.  I need to work with her on this.  I also found that she barks a bit at new dogs so we will need to work on counter conditioning her with dogs.  She was very well behaved at practice mostly laying at my feet, chewing a bit on her Himalayan chew or just watching the kids skate.  The skates don’t bother her and she seems to actually like the kids better when they are wearing them than not.

IMG_4694 IMG_4695


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