Mat, Pivot, Retrieve

Just spending time working on some basics and a few new commands.  Trying not to push too fast, Yarrow has been a little spazzy but she gets bored easily.  So far she is looking pretty solid on her basics, sit, down, touch, and come.  Leave it is tough but she is getting it.  She is doing very well with “go to mat” even from across the room as well as “wipe your paws”, “go to bed”, and “target” even from a distance.  We have had some success with putting the retrieval dumbbell actually in her mouth but she will not hold it at all or pick it up so retrieval isn’t progressing very quickly.  I wonder if I should introduce retrieve through a different method or just keep going with it.  She is also doing pretty well with pivoting.  I’m hoping I can get some rear end awareness going so she will put her back end up on things before she gets much larger and climbing gets harder for her.  I should probably get her a box to play with and break out the balance boards.


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