Physical Therapy and Park Trip

Today was my first Physical Therapy appt.  It was rough and left me sore and tired.  My hips and back hurt and my joints feel more unstable than usual.  I didn’t feel up for much training today.


I did take Yarrow to the park across the street to work on some socializing.  I really didn’t expect much more than watching the kids and maybe some other dogs.  She did reasonably well walking across the street on leash, not saying it was perfect but I will take what I can get.  She recognized the command “here” and obeyed so YAY!  At the park we sat on the bench and relaxed.  She was a little antsy at first just checking stuff out (looking for things to chew on, she is teething).  We did a few commands and she settled again.  We watched some one walk by with a dog, I rewarded her for looking and then looking at me.  Lots of positive.  Then some “boys” arrived on dirt bikes.  It was really loud but she didn’t react at all which was great.  We stuck around while they road the bikes and I rewarded her for focusing on me.  When everyone seemed to be gone we walked home.  She was a little more excited and wanted to sniff the grass but still walked reasonably well.


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