Today we took a trip to PetSmart.  It was mostly a socialization outing.  I did want to get Yarrow on the scale to see how she is growing and I also wanted to buy her some booties to protect her paws from the hot pavement (she doesn’t fit in the ones I have yet).


Yarrow did very well.  She was a little skeptical of the automatic doors at first but since Tim and I weren’t afraid she decided they must not be too frightening.  She walked pretty calmly down the aisles to the scale to be weighed.  Unfortunately she is only 35lbs at 20weeks.  Naturally this is a huge trigger for my anxiety.  She needs to put on about 55lbs to be large enough.  To say I am worried would be an understatement.  I am in love with this puppy, I don’t know what I will do if I have to wash her.  If she is truly the breeds I was told she should be large enough, so I’m trying to be patient.  Her mother was over 100lbs.  Just hoping she is one of those dogs that grows very slow and steady.  Not sure how long I can wait “patiently”.


The rest of the trip was great.  She had her puppy moments, sniffing the floor and checking things out, but I wanted her to do those things.  She was not overly social with people which is fine.  I just want her to see that people aren’t scary and other dogs are ok too.  We saw the small animals, she didn’t seem interested at all, checked out the toys, and bought the booties.  She had no issue with the doors on the way out but was a little nervous crossing the street when a truck drove by (still a little nervous of running cars but I can respect that).


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