Puppy Spa

What better way to spend Sunday than a trip to the Doggie Spa?  Well really anyway I suppose but Freyja and Yarrow were pretty smelly so off we went to the self serve dog wash to get them smelling fresh and clean.  Little Miss Yarrow was on her best (well at least close) behavior.


She politely greeted new dogs and people, allowed herself to be carried by strangers (I cannot lift her so the grooming staff was kind enough to help me to save my back and joints), and did not bark or fuss.  She sat nicely while waiting for her turn, was polite in the tub and on the grooming table while I dried her.  She even showed off her tricks wiping her own paws on command (everyone thought she was pretty amazing with that one).  I got many compliments on what a sweet and well behaved puppy she is.  Freyja on the other hand was told she did not act her age, not that she is ill behaved, just very happy and bouncy.  Reminding me that she will probably never make it as an out of home SD.  She is very friendly though.


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