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25weeks and big as Freyja



Ok just one outing, unfortunately I don’t get out much.  It is 100+ daily right now so unless I am going to the doctor (and I go to the doctor a lot) I don’t really go out much.  I need to get Yarrow out and work on her leash work but it is just too hot out for us to do any of that.  We did make it to Petsmart though.

When we arrived a puppy class was just letting out, lots of puppies running around and we came face to face with a big Golden on the way in.  Yarrow was stellar, no barking, no real reactions at all.  She did not even respond to the other dogs barking at her.  So huge strides there.

Up on the scale and she “sat” when asked.  The scale said 42.8lbs, a whopping 5.2lbs in 2weeks.  Not bad at all.  Lets hope it keeps up.  At this rate she will make size after all.  We walked around the store a bit more, still having trouble with pulling but she does lay so nicely on my feet when I stop.  She didn’t seem to have any issue with people this time but no one tried to pet her.  Socialization seems to be going well.


Training can’t be all serious work.  Sometimes we enjoy working on fun tricks.  My son is working towards a Novice Trick Dog Title with his dog so I thought I would see what Yarrow and I could do.  Most of the “tricks” on the list will eventually become necessary as part of tasks or public access behaviors.  Some of it is just fun though.


The past couple of days we have worked more on her paw targeting skills, Yarrow can now turn on and off a tap light.  We worked on around, directional casting (left and right when I point) as well as “through” to come through my legs, get in a box (this will be important for tucking in tight spaces), giving kisses, wiping paws, crawling, rolling over, crossing paws, perch work (balancing, pivoting, swing, and back end awareness), and putting her paws up on my arm.  She learns quickly.


Dog Show and another Petsmart trip

On Friday Tim took the day off so we could go to the Dog Show.  Unfortunately Yarrow is not ready for that outing yet.  Hopefully by next year she will be far enough in her training to accompany me to the show as a service dog, dreams.  I enjoyed the show immensely, always love seeing all of the dogs.  I did get tired, and sore, and very very cold.  I wish Yarrow had been there to help me stay warm.  My fingers and lips turned blue.


I did do some shopping for my girl.  I bought her a retrieval tube, to try a different method of training her to retrieve for me.  I also bought her a big faux lamb tug.  She loves her tuggy.  We have tested the retrieval tube a couple of times, she seems to be starting to get it.  We will see.

On Saturday we took another short outing to Petsmart, to make up for her missing out on the dog show (maybe a little anyway).  There was a big adoption event going on there, lots of dogs in crates in the center isle.  She walked so nicely up to the store front and through the front doors but one of the dogs barked very loudly at her when we walked in and it made her a little jumpy.  She recovered quickly and we headed off to the scale to weigh in.  She is up to 37.6, not a huge gain this week but still growing anyway.  We walked a bit more around the store, she did well.  Still needs work on loose leash walking but she is coming along.  She is still a bit shy with strangers, but she lays nicely at my feet, even in the busy store with people walking all around her and dogs barking.  On the way out she was not bothered by the dog barking again.  By the time we headed out a bad storm had blown in, the wind was blowing hard.  She was definitely in a hurry across the parking lot.  She is loading into the SUV very well now, and riding nicely too which is a huge improvement from when we brought her home.


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Happy 4th of July

I know I know, posting a day late.  We don’t really do a whole lot for the 4th of July, but the kids always want to see the fireworks.  So after running errands and making dinner we packed everyone up and went to watch the show.  We always go to a little field near the mall, it isn’t too busy there, and not too loud.  This year Yarrow got to come along.  I want her to be used to people and loud sounds.  She did very well sitting at my feet and playing with her bone most of the time.  She wasn’t bothered by the kids playing with their snap n pops.  Other people walking by was exciting and she wanted to get up and see them better, particularly the little kids and other dogs.  She was not at all bothered when the fireworks started and sat nicely watching them.  She did a couple of very nice natural blocks on the way back to the car.  Overall I’m very impressed with my girl.


Made another trip to Petsmart to see how big Yarrow is getting.  She is now 37.2lbs.  Not huge yet but that is over 2lbs gained in under 2weeks so that is great.  She did really well in the parking lot and store.  Normal puppy behaviors, I don’t expect perfect obedience in a pet shop.  She did lay nicely at my feet when I stopped several times.  We also made a stop in Pet Supplies Plus to pick up food for Blue and Halloween.  She did well there too and so I let her choose a present.  She picked out a stuffed marrow bone.  She also got a cookie at the register.  She is very happy with her present.  She ignored a dog on the way out, no barking and no pulling.  Such a good girl.


We have been spending some time working on body awareness.  I have been in a pain flare and training is hard so I just try to do what I can day to day.  Body awareness with the step stool is easier on me.  Yarrow is such a quick learner, it doesn’t take many repetitions to pick up new behaviors.  This week she learned to perch on the step stool, she also learned to sit on it, pivot around it, swing (pivot the opposite direction), give kisses, crawl, and is working on balancing just her back legs on the stool.  Not bad for the puppy.


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all four paws on the step stool, look at her go.