Dog Show and another Petsmart trip

On Friday Tim took the day off so we could go to the Dog Show.  Unfortunately Yarrow is not ready for that outing yet.  Hopefully by next year she will be far enough in her training to accompany me to the show as a service dog, dreams.  I enjoyed the show immensely, always love seeing all of the dogs.  I did get tired, and sore, and very very cold.  I wish Yarrow had been there to help me stay warm.  My fingers and lips turned blue.


I did do some shopping for my girl.  I bought her a retrieval tube, to try a different method of training her to retrieve for me.  I also bought her a big faux lamb tug.  She loves her tuggy.  We have tested the retrieval tube a couple of times, she seems to be starting to get it.  We will see.

On Saturday we took another short outing to Petsmart, to make up for her missing out on the dog show (maybe a little anyway).  There was a big adoption event going on there, lots of dogs in crates in the center isle.  She walked so nicely up to the store front and through the front doors but one of the dogs barked very loudly at her when we walked in and it made her a little jumpy.  She recovered quickly and we headed off to the scale to weigh in.  She is up to 37.6, not a huge gain this week but still growing anyway.  We walked a bit more around the store, she did well.  Still needs work on loose leash walking but she is coming along.  She is still a bit shy with strangers, but she lays nicely at my feet, even in the busy store with people walking all around her and dogs barking.  On the way out she was not bothered by the dog barking again.  By the time we headed out a bad storm had blown in, the wind was blowing hard.  She was definitely in a hurry across the parking lot.  She is loading into the SUV very well now, and riding nicely too which is a huge improvement from when we brought her home.


IMG_4755 IMG_4756 IMG_4757 IMG_4758


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