Training can’t be all serious work.  Sometimes we enjoy working on fun tricks.  My son is working towards a Novice Trick Dog Title with his dog so I thought I would see what Yarrow and I could do.  Most of the “tricks” on the list will eventually become necessary as part of tasks or public access behaviors.  Some of it is just fun though.


The past couple of days we have worked more on her paw targeting skills, Yarrow can now turn on and off a tap light.  We worked on around, directional casting (left and right when I point) as well as “through” to come through my legs, get in a box (this will be important for tucking in tight spaces), giving kisses, wiping paws, crawling, rolling over, crossing paws, perch work (balancing, pivoting, swing, and back end awareness), and putting her paws up on my arm.  She learns quickly.



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