Ok just one outing, unfortunately I don’t get out much.  It is 100+ daily right now so unless I am going to the doctor (and I go to the doctor a lot) I don’t really go out much.  I need to get Yarrow out and work on her leash work but it is just too hot out for us to do any of that.  We did make it to Petsmart though.

When we arrived a puppy class was just letting out, lots of puppies running around and we came face to face with a big Golden on the way in.  Yarrow was stellar, no barking, no real reactions at all.  She did not even respond to the other dogs barking at her.  So huge strides there.

Up on the scale and she “sat” when asked.  The scale said 42.8lbs, a whopping 5.2lbs in 2weeks.  Not bad at all.  Lets hope it keeps up.  At this rate she will make size after all.  We walked around the store a bit more, still having trouble with pulling but she does lay so nicely on my feet when I stop.  She didn’t seem to have any issue with people this time but no one tried to pet her.  Socialization seems to be going well.


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