Another Petsmart outing

Had a very busy couple of weeks with doctor and therapy appts every day.  We also added a new family member (more on her later) who has kept us pretty busy.  We found some time to get out to Petsmart for some more training and another weigh in.  Yarrow is firmly in the “adolescent phase”.  I would still say much easier than my male dogs have been but, I just don’t love adolescence.  She managed to do quite well at Petsmart anyway.  I took along a bag of cheerios for training (Yarrow loves cheerios and my hands don’t stink like dog food).  She did great not reacting to other dogs.  She looked, wanted to greet, but did not bark even with other dogs barking at her.  She is still not accepting strangers petting her.  She did walk nicely (knew I had treats) so that is a good step, we will keep working on it.  We did some work on targeting and tried out going into a public restroom, not quite there yet (I don’t like them either but we need to do it).  She weighed in at 46.6lbs.  Still growing, not quite as fast but still growing.  She is also taller than Freyja now (not by much but she made it).  If she keeps up a nice slow and steady growth I think she will make it.



One of the most important tasks I need Yarrow to learn is item retrieval.  It seems really easy, dogs love to play fetch.  Yarrow does not love playing fetch.  She tends to ignore toys after they are thrown or bat them around with her paws before rushing back to me.  So retrieving has been put on the back burner while we worked on important obedience skills and of course fun things like “bang your dead”, giving hugs, kisses, and crossing her paws.  Recently we have picked up retrieval again and finally she has started to get it (literally in this case).  It isn’t pretty yet, she still bats the item around and drops it multiple times, but she is picking things up and carrying them.  She is retrieving her toys, the retrieval tube, and recently the dumbbell as well.  So here is hoping she is getting this.