Halloween at Home Depot

Took Yarrow on another training outing.  Of course we made a stop at Petsmart for a weigh in.  She did great but unfortunately she has slowed down on her growth, only 52.8 this time.  She is looking taller though so we’ll see next time.  Fingers crossed she picks up again.  She did excellent with the other dogs, no reactions, and with people.  She did actually go up to a teen girl, so she is becoming more social.

Then we stopped in at Home Depot for some more training.  I knew they had a bigger Halloween display and I wanted to expose her to the “scary” decorations.  She did great at first but we did find a shambling Frankenstein Monster she was freaked out by.  While she never would accept that particular monster she did come around to the other decorations and displays.  She was fine with the giant pumpkin head reaper, and the small Frankenstein.  So we will just continue desensitization.  All in all it was a good experience though she also had some “puppy” behavior.


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