Spoonie Life

Sometimes I like to try to forget that I am sick.  I push myself too hard and try to do too many things.  When that happens life has a way of catching up with me.  Tuesday I had an appointment with my cardiologist.  It was supposed to be a quick follow up to discuss surgery for MALS.  It turned into a discussion of my POTS symptoms and a secondary trip across town for IV hydration.  I have another follow up in a week.


Well, life has a way of catching up to you.  It really ruined my plans for the day.

But lucky for me I have quite the welcome home committee.


In the Yard

The rain is gone, the weather is nice again, hubby mowed.  You know what that means, puppy play time in the yard.  All 4 of the beasties accompanied me into the yard for some frolic time.  I know, you are all jealous of my magnificent service dog in training and my fluffy beasts.  Poppy thinks she is a goat.

A call for help

I really hate doing this.  I don’t like asking for help.  I have a condition called Median Accurate Ligament Syndrome or Celiac Ligament Syndrome.  I am meeting with a vascular surgeon to plan a major abdominal surgery for December.  The plan is for Yarrow to go to board and train during the time I am in recovery.  This all costs money, and unfortunately that is something that is just very tight these days.  I have started a bonfire campaign.  If you could take a look, perhaps share it, I would appreciate it.



Enjoy a puppy picture

Still Growing

We had a full week of rain, which put a damper on my plans to take Yarrow on any outings.  It also made me pretty miserable, my joints always hurt more when it is raining.  Yarrow has been a bit hyper this week as the rain turned our backyard into something of a swamp.  We spent the week reworking basic obedience.


Adolescence is, rough, to say the least.  I think she has forgotten at least as much as she remembers.  Some days learning didn’t seem to be really happening at all but other days she would make amazing leaps.  Her retrieval is actually coming along, she can close cabinets now, and sit pretty about 50% of the time.  Her rear-end awareness is so much better and she tucks like a champ.  Well, we are getting somewhere.  Definitely need to work on walking at heel though.


The weather finally broke on Thursday so by Sunday the dogs could get back into the yard and run.  It is still a bit muddy, hopefully tomorrow they can get more of the crazy out.  The better weather also meant we could finally make a trip to Petsmart.  Unfortunately Yarrow was not on the best behavior I have ever seen.  She was just very excited, pretty obvious we’ve been stuck in the house this week.  She still behaved very well getting on the scale.  This time she has grown.  She is up to 56.6lbs.  That is good news.  She is 23inches now and almost 60lbs.  We should have no problems moving forward with her size (though admittedly I would not mind if she were to get larger).  I do think she will probably still put on an inch or two and probably a bit more weight as she finishes filling out and I can start conditioning her.  Now if the weather just holds we can spend some more time outside working.  We also picked up a pretty collar on clearance at Petsmart.  Hard to say no to a Zebra collar for $4.  EDS zebra pride.

New Harness

img_5397 img_5399 img_5401 img_5402

What is this?  Why this is a beautiful leather Finely Tooled mobility assistance harness.  Yarrow is feeling super proud wearing it (and it is so hard to get pictures because she wants to stand in position next to me).  Obviously she is no where near old enough to use this yet but Finely Tooled is no longer making these beautiful creations so when I saw it available I jumped at the chance to own it for my baby.  Hubby was kind enough to buy it for us.  I can’t even tell you all how well made this is.  Yarrow is so happy and comfortable in it and that handle, so nice for my hands.  I can’t wait until we can actually use this, but it will be great for training together anyway.  Doesn’t she look beautiful?  That is my girl.  She is my heart.  I am so proud of the work she does.

Day of the Dead

In Denton there is a big Day of the Dead event.  There are push cart (soap box derby) races, a pumpkin patch, vendors, food trucks, ghost stories, and a paper lantern parade.  This year our Junior Derby team participated in the “coffin race” and parade.  I decided to take Yarrow with me for training and socializing.

It was a long day.  We arrived at the festival at 11AM and the parade didn’t start until 7PM.  Luckily there was a pop up tent and chairs for those of us who can’t do so much walking around.  Yarrow was on her best behavior.  She did wonderfully walking through the crowds, wasn’t phased by all of the other dogs or crazy costumes and masks.  The starter pistol for the race didn’t bother her at all.  She enjoyed meeting all of the little kids who wanted to pet her.

After the festival we all went out to dinner together at Chuys.  We ate on the patio, Yarrow has never been to a restaurant before.  She rocked it.  We had to wait an hour to be seated and she spent the entire time sleeping under the bench.  During dinner (which took quite a while as we were a large party) she tucked nicely under my chair, even when her tail was stepped on, oops.  She did bark once, when one of the waiters stepped on her and startled her awake but she settled right back in and we had no more issues.  I am so proud of this girl.

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I am so exhausted and paying for this but it was worth it.  We had a great time.