Day of the Dead

In Denton there is a big Day of the Dead event.  There are push cart (soap box derby) races, a pumpkin patch, vendors, food trucks, ghost stories, and a paper lantern parade.  This year our Junior Derby team participated in the “coffin race” and parade.  I decided to take Yarrow with me for training and socializing.

It was a long day.  We arrived at the festival at 11AM and the parade didn’t start until 7PM.  Luckily there was a pop up tent and chairs for those of us who can’t do so much walking around.  Yarrow was on her best behavior.  She did wonderfully walking through the crowds, wasn’t phased by all of the other dogs or crazy costumes and masks.  The starter pistol for the race didn’t bother her at all.  She enjoyed meeting all of the little kids who wanted to pet her.

After the festival we all went out to dinner together at Chuys.  We ate on the patio, Yarrow has never been to a restaurant before.  She rocked it.  We had to wait an hour to be seated and she spent the entire time sleeping under the bench.  During dinner (which took quite a while as we were a large party) she tucked nicely under my chair, even when her tail was stepped on, oops.  She did bark once, when one of the waiters stepped on her and startled her awake but she settled right back in and we had no more issues.  I am so proud of this girl.

20161029_140716 20161029_172237 20161029_193335 20161029_193338 20161029_194321 20161029_194323 20161029_194325 20161029_194326 20161029_204014 20161029_204016 20161029_204019 20161029_204021 20161029_204024 20161029_211813 20161029_211827

I am so exhausted and paying for this but it was worth it.  We had a great time.


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