It has come to our attention that the persons known as Patricia Melton and Amanda Yera with the organization K9 Assisted Independence, are currently contacting people to solicit her training services.

These individuals are under investigation for fraud, animal abuse/neglect, and other illegal activities involving dog training and boarding. Patricia is privately messaging people to offer her services and has done so within the last day or so. Please avoid this person’s solicitations.

If either party contacts you, inform Hedy Starr, Olivia Miller, or Kelly Morris. If you already have a financial loss or claim against either individual, contact Kelli Birch for information on how to file a claim. All of the above individuals are available on Facebook.



A warning, a painful post to type

I have been quiet for a while.  Truly I have something I need to share that is weighing very heavily on me, something I didn’t want to have to type.    I had shared previously about sending Yarrow to K9 Assisted Independence for Board and Train, to work on some PA skills.  This is a program run by someone I thought I knew and trusted, someone I believed to be my friend.  Unfortunately I was wrong.  I have raised puppies for Patricia M. Melton and Amanda Yera.  Have communicated with them and done transport for them.  I did trust them.  I do not know how I missed what was going on under the surface.


Yarrow returned to me from her 2 month board and train on May 14th.  I will never know what happened at the K9 Assisted Independence facility in Blum Tx.  What I do know is that training did not.  My sweet girl was thin (though she was lucky to escape the starvation many of the other dogs endured), with poor coat.  She had large scabs around her neck and was missing her collar.  Patricia Melton informed me Yarrow and her dogs had “played rough” and the collar tore, she would replace it.  She is now nervous with women, head shy, fearful of strange places.  I do not know if she will overcome these things.  She has been assessed and the outlook is hopeful, but there is a great deal of work ahead of us.  Things we shouldn’t need to do.  She may never be comfortable working in public.  These people I trusted lied to me and abused my dog.


Patricia M. Melton and Amanda Yera are under investigation for fraud and animal abuse.  Patricia M. Melton has been contacting people and soliciting training clients.  Please be careful.