New home

This is not something I had ever imagined doing.  It was a hard decision to make but after getting multiple opinions from trainers, clearance from the vet, and contacting a couple more trainers and behaviorists we reached the conclusion that it would be better for Yarrow to be in a different home.  While she was comfortable with us, she was uncomfortable with us having visitors, and she was easily stressed by the other dogs and even the cat at times.  As we cannot rehome all of our other pets it was better for her to go to a quieter home where she would be the focus of attention.  It took time but we found her a single man who wanted a companion to just pal around with.  He is used to Pyrenees temperament, happy to have a dog to cuddle on the couch with, and she was instantly comfortable with him which is HUGE.  I hope that she will be very very happy, even if it is not with me.


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