Third Opinion

We met with a third trainer and got our third opinion.  We sat at Lowe’s for an hour together, Yarrow stressed and panting.  She did recover, it took about 45 minutes but she did decide she liked the “new strange lady” with all of the food who was impressed by the smallest tricks she did.  She did not like the people walking all around her, the sounds of the carts, or the cars driving past.  The final verdict was as expected, she is too anxious to work.  More than that, that she should be rehomed to a place where she is not surrounded by other dogs.  She has continued to have issues with Freyja, no blood drawn, but no obvious trigger either which is concerning with kids in the house.


I reached out to a behaviorist, another trainer.  Other than bringing her to more evaluations to hear the same thing there isn’t much to do.  I reached out to many rescues but none could accommodate her.   This is the one thing I never pictured doing, rehoming Yarrow.  I had imagined she would stay no matter what.  But I also didn’t imagine K9 Assisted Independence would turn out to be a scam, abuse my dog, and return her to me fearful and reactive.  It is hard to move forward from here.


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