37weeks.  Freyja is still his best friend, they do everything together.  We made a trip to 5Below, he is doing so well on outings now, I’m really proud of him.  The boys had a bunch of gift cards from Christmas so they did some shopping, Grimm and I just poked around a bit.  He is definitely in need of a clipping now, the new clippers should be here in the next couple of days so “freshly groomed” pics will be up soon I’m sure.


You may be wondering why I included a picture of Halloween in a tunnel.  Well we’ve been planning to set up an agility course for the dogs and we happened to find this tunnel at the thrift store.  We thought it would be a good starting place.  Hallow thinks it is a good kitty tunnel.  Hopefully she will let the dogs play too.


What gear?

We decided to have some fun playing with gear.  Grimm usually wears his Goody Shack vest for outings but I wanted to see what color really looks best on him.  He is a goof ball when I’m trying to get pictures of course.  The neon green pack actually belongs to Freyja, she wears it for hiking.  Some day, if he works really hard, maybe he will get to wear the Finely Tooled harness.  I think it looks nice on him.