Protocol for Relaxation

As it is summer and we have to be a little more low key, work brains a bit more.  We decided to work on Dr. Karen Overall’s Relaxation Protocol for a while.  I have used this before with rescue dogs and high energy dogs that struggled to relax.  I thought it would be a nice break for us to work on as long down stays are something I really don’t love teaching and it gives us something else to do during training.  We are a week in and Grimm has gotten the hang of it pretty well.  He is no longer disappointed that we aren’t “doing the exciting things” and lays right down on his mat.  Hoping it will help with long down stays when we are out in places like doctor’s offices in the future.


Happy First Day of Summer?

Hello Summer!!!  All of the kids are out of school, the pools are open, time for the beach, and vacations….  Wait, my kids are homeschooled and I haven’t left the house willingly in a month.  As anyone in TX can tell you it has been “Summer” for FOREVER and it doesn’t look like it will be improving any time soon.  For those of us with chronic health problems like MCAS and POTS summer is a hard time of the year.  Last week I had to leave the house in the middle of the day 3 days in a row of doctor’s appts and it was AWFUL.  My allergist advised wearing light cotton, a cooling vest, staying hydrated, and staying indoors during the day.  I heard I should go nocturnal until summer is over.  Works for me, unfortunately I think we would keep poor Tim up all night.  I do feel sort of bad as I watch all of the other kids enjoying their summers, swimming, going to the lake, camping.  I can’t handle the sun or the heat and neither can Terror so we don’t go anywhere that isn’t air conditioned for months.


Tim is still on crutches.  He got out of the cast last week but he doesn’t start weight bearing until tomorrow and won’t be off of crutches for several more weeks.  The combination of Tim’s broken leg and the oppressive heat changed some of my training plans.  I had intended to start wheelchair training with Grimm but I wanted Tim to help with that so it looks like we may be waiting a while longer, possibly until fall.  I also wanted to start taking Grimm on more of my normal outings.  While I am working on this we are not leaving the house much right now and have to plan to get as much done as possible which makes it a struggle.  I have to purposefully plan to bring one of the kids with me to handle any unexpected issues as Tim cannot push a cart, carry anything, or really do much at all right now.  We are figuring it out and he is doing very well on the outings he is joining me for.  He has had a couple more restaurant trips, and several trips to Costco now.

First Birthday

Well I’m really late posting these.  Grimm’s Birthday is May 2nd.  I wanted to do some nice photos but I was sick that week so just some pictures of him enjoying his birthday present will have to do.  It is hard to believe that this handsome guy is the ball of fluff I brought home.  He has been everything I could have hoped for, and our adventure is just getting started.

Working Gear

Grimm’s working set up is pretty much complete now.  I’m pretty happy with how everything has come out.  The harness and collar are by Purple Poodles.  The pack is a Molle pouch from Amazon.  “In Training” button is from Creative Clam.  The Poodle key fob is from Hearts Sewn Together.  The braided leather leash and training tab were made by a vendor at a local dog show (I absolutely adore them, my favorite leashes by far).  I made the leather slip lead to use as a head halter and am very pleased with how it came out.  The leash wrap says “Service Dog” on the reverse side.  The skull patch and Molle pouch are velcro so I can switch for some of my other patches.  I bought this one second hand but I think it is just a mass produced patch available at places like Hot Topic.  I still need a pull strap, just haven’t decided what type would be most comfortable.  I have a purple and black paracord one that I made but I don’t really like paracord.  I’m leaning towards either braided leather like my leash or fleece that would match the harness.


Spring in TX means Bluebonnet pictures.  Naturally Grimm came along.  He tasted a few…shhh…


After pictures we stopped by Starbucks for some coffee and puppacinos for Grimm and Blue.  The weather was nice so we sat on the patio instead of taking our drinks to go.  Grimm is 48weeks, where did the time go?