27weeks it’s the poodle couch


It’s beginning to look like Christmas

Well it may not be Thanksgiving yet but in Lowe’s it is beginning to look at lot like Christmas.  Grimm and I checked out the Christmas trees, inflatable decorations, a light show that made sounds like fireworks, and this giant “Joy” light display.  We also did some more work on tasking out of the house (ignore the goofy face he makes, Tim was talking to us).  He is getting so good at his outings.  He is in need of another grooming though.

Happy Halloween

Why yes, Grimm did get all dressed up for Halloween.  Why not? He is the bestest poodle boy.  Halloween happened to fall on a Tuesday which means Grimm is 25weeks old in these pictures, getting big Grimm Beast.  While he did not get to go Trick or Treating (awww…no treats for Grimm) he had a great time greeting all of the kids who came to our door.  The masks and costumes didn’t bother him at all.  How soon can we have Halloween again?

Pumpkin Palooza

The air is getting brisk, there is a certain magic afoot.  What is that…It’s pumpkin time!!!


We loaded up the dogs and the boys and headed out to Pumpkin Palooza.  Everyone had a great time checking out pumpkins and even meeting Snoopy.  Grimm got to meet some sheep, piglets, and even an Alpaca at the petting zoo.  How about that for socialization time.