40weeks old



Saturday was my birthday and one of my favorite things to do is go hiking.  I can’t do nearly as much or as serious hiking as I used to but we managed a pretty good walk along “Goatman’s Bridge” (there is a pretty good ghost story that goes with it).  It was a nice day out, I think we all had a good time.  I know Grimm enjoyed himself though he was a little disappointed I didn’t let him go swimming.  Not going to lie, it was a lot more hiking than I probably should have done and I’m really feeling it now (and probably will be for quite a while) but it was definitely worth it.

After our hike we head to Starbucks for some coffee.  Grimm switched to his vest and changed right to “working mode” (not that he was at all ill behaved on the hike I just didn’t make him walk perfectly next to me the whole time).  He kept his nose to himself, waited politely while we ordered and tucked under the table while we played a couple rounds of rummy and drank our coffee.  Then we decided to check out a thrift store (didn’t find anything, we did have to educate some of the staff on SD etiquette), and finished off the day at Half Price Books.  Grimm was wonderful at HPB, stayed at my feet while I shopped for dog books, and stayed still against me when I sat on the flood (I guess I kind of ran out of energy.  He didn’t even move when people joined us in the aisle.  We may make a full fledged SD out of him yet.

Winter Dog Show 2017

Well we had a BIG outing to the AKC dog show.  This is Grimm’s first really big outing (though we did a roller derby bout the weekend before technically our home rink is dog friendly so he wasn’t officially working at the time).  My friend Alexandria show’s her SDiT Liberty’s Chroma Winds of Fortune “Handsome” and we enjoyed getting to meet up with them and spend some time watching Handsome compete.

Grimm had an excellent day.  He was not bothered by the other dogs or people and managed to behave himself very well.  I am so proud of how this boy is coming along.  We enjoyed watching the Standard Poodles show though I think Grimm actually preferred the Siberian Huskies.

Here we Come a Wassailing

I just found a new fun thing to do, Wassailing.  I grew up singing the Carol, Here we come a Wassailing.  I had no idea what “wassailing” really was or how much fun it could be.  I’ve been missing out.  Lucky for me a town nearby has a Wassail Festival for Christmas.  What is wassail you may ask?  It is apple cider.  Basically a festival of apple cider tasting, carols, lights, and celebrating all the fun small businesses.  It was wonderful, though incredibly crowded.  Grimm did amazing, followed all of his commands, tucked between my legs as I told him to (which mostly kept him from being stepped on, glad we’ve been working on that one).  We enjoyed our wassail and the atmosphere until we were a bit too sloshy.  Now I’m looking forward to next year.

Happy Thanksgiving

This year for Thanksgiving Grimm enjoyed himself watching the dog show.  Then of course we had to do some Black Friday shopping.  I bought him a couple of little boy’s shirts at the thrift store to help him stay warm as it is getting colder.  He is feeling pretty stylish now.  He particularly seems to like the vest, but I think I may need to take it in at the sides a little (but who knows he is growing so fast).  Then we took a huge step forward in training, we went shopping at Michael’s and CCA.  These are not pet friendly shops so Grimm put on his big boy vest and his best poodle behavior.  I won’t say he was perfect, he wasn’t, but he was very very good.  It was still very busy at Michael’s though we avoided the worst of the sale times (we didn’t go Thursday evening or anything).  We were nearly stepped on several times but we handled it.  CCA was pretty distracting with all of the strange smells (it is another thrift shop), but he did just as he was told and stayed close even with kids shouting “puppy” at him.  Look who is being a mature boy.  Well, until next time anyway.

Happy Halloween

Why yes, Grimm did get all dressed up for Halloween.  Why not? He is the bestest poodle boy.  Halloween happened to fall on a Tuesday which means Grimm is 25weeks old in these pictures, getting big Grimm Beast.  While he did not get to go Trick or Treating (awww…no treats for Grimm) he had a great time greeting all of the kids who came to our door.  The masks and costumes didn’t bother him at all.  How soon can we have Halloween again?