Mardi Gras

What better way to celebrate, and get some training in, than at a local Mardi Gras parade and carnival?  Terror’s Roller Derby Team participated in the parade again this year.  I was definitely not able to skate or walk the parade but Yarrow and helped out at the booth handing out flyers and talking about Derby.


Yarrow mostly laid on her mat like a good girl while we watched the booth.  We had a couple of snaffoos.  There was a gentleman who would not take “no” for a answer when asking about petting (the public really needs to learn about service dog etiquette) and she had some puppy moments with a team mates dog who looks a lot like Freyja, but hey, she is still a puppy.  It was a very active and stimulating environment for her so there was a lot to take in.  Walking around, or should I say rolling around, was a little intense for her.  A little boy rushed us with his light saber and glow sticks and that was a little much for both of us (nearly made me jump out of the chair).  She decided blocking the chair so I couldn’t go was the best move LOL.  But we got a lot of compliments on her behavior.  A Police Officer stopped me to tell me what a wonderful dog she is, he just couldn’t stop saying how great of a partner I have.  Made me really happy.  We watched Tim in a Crawfish eating contest.  Yarrow was a little put out he didn’t share with her (and he totally could have, he didn’t even win… poor puppy).  I got to eat a crawfish stuffed baked potato which was excellent.  I also experienced how people treat you in a wheelchair.  It is different, very much like you are a child.  Still we had a great time.  I don’t know what the future holds, either for me, or for Yarrow.  But I am hopeful.



img_5721 img_5722

Some days I need a little bit of help but the wheelchair is too much, or just inconvenient to use.  Enter the rolator.  We purchased this primarily for use in places like Scarborough Fair where trying to use the wheelchair would be almost impossible but walking all day without help is almost impossible for me.  Poppy thinks I bought it for her of course, she loves rides in the “wheely chair” and now on the rolator seat.  I will be working on Yarrow’s heeling next to the rolator.


img_5650 img_5651 img_5652 img_5653

Well after waiting for 6months my chair finally arrived.  Here is my super helper demoing it for me.  Custom fitted, made just for me.  Yarrow is not at all afraid of it, she actually works very nicely next to it.  I am struggling a bit accepting that I need a chair.  Some days I can still skate, other days I can barely walk.  I know I need to utilize mobility aids to help save my joints on bad days.


img_5581 img_5582 img_5583 img_5584 img_5585 img_5586 img_5587 img_5588


We went to the local dog show.  It happens twice a year and we try to make it.  I got to meet up with a friend and fellow handler who was showing her gorgeous SDiT.  Yarrow was not quite ready for the chaos of the dog show yet so she had to stay home this time, maybe by the time the summer show rolls around.  I did buy her a pretty collar.  I’ve decided this will be her working colors; purple, grey/black, and red.  I think it looks stunning on her.  She is such a pretty girl and looking so grown up now.

A call for help

I really hate doing this.  I don’t like asking for help.  I have a condition called Median Accurate Ligament Syndrome or Celiac Ligament Syndrome.  I am meeting with a vascular surgeon to plan a major abdominal surgery for December.  The plan is for Yarrow to go to board and train during the time I am in recovery.  This all costs money, and unfortunately that is something that is just very tight these days.  I have started a bonfire campaign.  If you could take a look, perhaps share it, I would appreciate it.


Enjoy a puppy picture

New Harness

img_5397 img_5399 img_5401 img_5402

What is this?  Why this is a beautiful leather Finely Tooled mobility assistance harness.  Yarrow is feeling super proud wearing it (and it is so hard to get pictures because she wants to stand in position next to me).  Obviously she is no where near old enough to use this yet but Finely Tooled is no longer making these beautiful creations so when I saw it available I jumped at the chance to own it for my baby.  Hubby was kind enough to buy it for us.  I can’t even tell you all how well made this is.  Yarrow is so happy and comfortable in it and that handle, so nice for my hands.  I can’t wait until we can actually use this, but it will be great for training together anyway.  Doesn’t she look beautiful?  That is my girl.  She is my heart.  I am so proud of the work she does.