49weeks, look at those legs.  Just got back from a quick run to the post office and Big Lots.  Such a good boy.



Spring in TX means Bluebonnet pictures.  Naturally Grimm came along.  He tasted a few…shhh…


After pictures we stopped by Starbucks for some coffee and puppacinos for Grimm and Blue.  The weather was nice so we sat on the patio instead of taking our drinks to go.  Grimm is 48weeks, where did the time go?


We had a big day over the weekend.  Took a trip to “Third Monday Trade Days” which is basically a big out door flea market.  They are not pet friendly but have started allowing small dogs that can be carried, and obviously Service Dogs.  Grimm did wonderfully ignoring all of the people (it was so crowded, super overwhelming for me), tiny dogs in strollers and carriers, and all of the food trucks and food on the ground.  Eventually it got pretty warm and my hips started to hurt so we ended our outing after stopping to buy some jerky (my  youngest son loves jerky).

We stopped at a QT to grab drinks.  Grimm did have a bit of trouble with the direction the cold case doors open, not his fault I need to figure out how I position both of us to make that work LOL.  He drank his water from a kiddie cup in the parking lot then we were off for lunch.  This was only Grimm’s second time at a restaurant and the first time sitting inside (last time we sat on a semi-indoor patio, he has sat inside at Starbucks).  He did so well, tucked under the table and just slept on my feet while we ate.

I know we have a long way to go with training and there will still be setbacks but I appreciate how well he is doing and the partnership we are developing.  One day at a time.


39weeks, and pictures from a training outing at Lowe’s.  As you can see Tim was having some fun with filters when he took our pictures.

Grimm is just starting to enter adolescence and he has entered a bit of a fear stage.  We are spending more time “reviewing” these days.  The weather also hasn’t been that great which means he has less of a chance to get his energy out in outdoor play which can make it more difficult for him to focus during training.  Some things I wanted to point out in this picture series is the way Grimm is sitting/standing between my legs.  I taught Grimm “through” months ago to keep him tucked out of the way in crowds.  We used it a fair bit when we went “Wassailing” in Denton.  The funny thing about training clever dogs is that they tend to put things together for themselves in ways you didn’t really plan.  Grimm has decided that whenever we stop for more than 30seconds he should “through”, and then after a minute he sits.  At first I was a bit annoyed by this turn of events (because I was not expecting it, not in control, and he is ramming his nose against my legs/butt to get there which is rude LOL).  However I found that as he sits and leans against my legs he actually stabilizes me and I like it.  I will have to decide if I want to “fix” this or let him continue with it as an automatic behavior.

Grooming Time

Whew, someone has been in need of a groom for quite a while.  I finally got my new grooming stuff in, and the weekend hit so I had the time.  Took some photos of when he looked like after his bath and dry, the rest of the photos are his fully groomed look.  We went with a pony cut this time.  He looks so different with all of the floof gone.  He feels like crushed velvet.


This week we had a big adventure, we went out to visit our friend’s Alexandria Papperman and her SDiT Liberty’s Chroma Winds of Fortune (Handsome) for a play date at their place.  Grimm was a little intimidated by Handsome at first (Handsome is very big) but after a little while he warmed up.  He also got to meet Trophy and Trouble the Border Collies, and Sin the cat.  He would have liked to bring Sin home with him, but we told him she just wasn’t that in to him.  Poor Grimm, the cats never appreciate him quite like he appreciates them.  He had a great time hanging out with us though.


When we made it home we were excited to find that Grimm’s new harness had arrived!!  Courtesy of Purple Poodles I had this custom made for our specific needs.  It is lined in black fleece with purple webbing and neon green embroidery.  There is a matching collar that is a little difficult to see with his ear floof.  The handle is for our future use (hopefully) but looks very nice.  I have a paracord pullstrap that matches it but I plan to get (or make) a matching braided fleece pullstrap.  I am so excited by how well made this harness is and how nice it looks on him.  I think he will really enjoy wearing this when he works.


Saturday was my birthday and one of my favorite things to do is go hiking.  I can’t do nearly as much or as serious hiking as I used to but we managed a pretty good walk along “Goatman’s Bridge” (there is a pretty good ghost story that goes with it).  It was a nice day out, I think we all had a good time.  I know Grimm enjoyed himself though he was a little disappointed I didn’t let him go swimming.  Not going to lie, it was a lot more hiking than I probably should have done and I’m really feeling it now (and probably will be for quite a while) but it was definitely worth it.

After our hike we head to Starbucks for some coffee.  Grimm switched to his vest and changed right to “working mode” (not that he was at all ill behaved on the hike I just didn’t make him walk perfectly next to me the whole time).  He kept his nose to himself, waited politely while we ordered and tucked under the table while we played a couple rounds of rummy and drank our coffee.  Then we decided to check out a thrift store (didn’t find anything, we did have to educate some of the staff on SD etiquette), and finished off the day at Half Price Books.  Grimm was wonderful at HPB, stayed at my feet while I shopped for dog books, and stayed still against me when I sat on the flood (I guess I kind of ran out of energy.  He didn’t even move when people joined us in the aisle.  We may make a full fledged SD out of him yet.