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28weeks hard to believe this is the same dog as that fluffy little puppy I brought home from the farm.  His shoulders have caught up with his rear end, not looking so uneven anymore.  His ear can’t decide what it is doing.




27weeks old now.  Lad accompanied me to a Junior Roller Derby tournament at HOQ.  He did very well.  We sat at the breakfast table selling concessions, he laid on his mat while I handled money and handed out bottled water.  He did get excited when he saw the derby guys he knows, going to have a bit of a hard time breaking his habit of jumping on them.  However with all of the juniors he was excellent, greeting them from the floor and only when I told him it was ok.  All of the kids asked before greeting him and he seemed to keep everyone in good spirits (it was second day of tournament, hot and everyone was getting tired).  We have a long way to go but he’s looking good.

6months old

So Lad is 6months old now.  He is still very much a puppy.  He enjoys playing with other dogs, kids and toys.  He is also doing very well with training.  We are on Level 3 of the training levels.  http://sue-eh.ca/page24/page26/styled/ and I plan to start formal classes with him soon.  He’s a very good, solid tempered dog.


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