A New Beginning

It has been over a month since Lad and Max left.  The house has been quiet without the boys thundering around.  I was not sure where to start finding a new prospect.  My friend sent a 2 year old Mastiff to me to trial but after only an hour I knew he would not work as I began itching.  After almost 2 years of working with dogs that have not worked it was hard even considering trying with another.

I was uncertain whether I wanted to start over with another puppy, or try a young adult.  Having a cat in the house and needing to ensure the dog will reach 90lbs complicates things.  I considered giving up or trying for a pain management and PSD dog instead of a mobility dog so I could go with a small hypoallergenic dog and not have to worry as much about the cat or the size.  Tiny dogs are easier to find, cheaper to vet, not as scary with the cat, and so much easier to manage in the house full grown.  However as my mobility has been so poor Tim continued to remind me that a dog for mobility was important.

Sunday I found a puppy.  She is 12weeks old and a mix of Great Pyrenees and American Bulldog.  I don’t typically prefer female dogs, but when searching for a SD prospect you get the dog that is most promising.  It has only been 2 days but so far she shows a great deal of promise.  She is a huge puppy, and eager to train.  More energy than Lad, which is a bit difficult to manage for me but we will make it work.  Still working on house training but she holds it in the crate.  Unfortunately she cries in her crate at night.  So those are a couple of things we need to work on.

I do not know her exact birthdate so we are going to call Sunday 12weeks and go from there.  Now I just need to come up with a name for her.


IMG_4615 IMG_4616 IMG_4617