New Gear 50weeks

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Yarrow is 50weeks

Some new gear arrived so we tried it on.  She is definitely growing, I had to adjust her harness.  She hasn’t worn it since the Day of the Dead event, all of her outings have been in her other vest.  I think the cape suits her well.  It will definitely look nice at Ren Fairs.  The halter is also new, she tolerates this style much better and it should make working alongside mobility equipment safer.



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Some days I need a little bit of help but the wheelchair is too much, or just inconvenient to use.  Enter the rolator.  We purchased this primarily for use in places like Scarborough Fair where trying to use the wheelchair would be almost impossible but walking all day without help is almost impossible for me.  Poppy thinks I bought it for her of course, she loves rides in the “wheely chair” and now on the rolator seat.  I will be working on Yarrow’s heeling next to the rolator.


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Well after waiting for 6months my chair finally arrived.  Here is my super helper demoing it for me.  Custom fitted, made just for me.  Yarrow is not at all afraid of it, she actually works very nicely next to it.  I am struggling a bit accepting that I need a chair.  Some days I can still skate, other days I can barely walk.  I know I need to utilize mobility aids to help save my joints on bad days.


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We went to the local dog show.  It happens twice a year and we try to make it.  I got to meet up with a friend and fellow handler who was showing her gorgeous SDiT.  Yarrow was not quite ready for the chaos of the dog show yet so she had to stay home this time, maybe by the time the summer show rolls around.  I did buy her a pretty collar.  I’ve decided this will be her working colors; purple, grey/black, and red.  I think it looks stunning on her.  She is such a pretty girl and looking so grown up now.