Socialization outing

Whew, big day for Grimm.  He made his first trip to Lowe’s today.  Luckily Grimm came home from his breeder already house trained so we’ve been able to focus mostly on basic obedience.  He has been picking up his training very quickly and he is a very polite and eager to please little guy.  With most of his shots now completed I want to take advantage of his easy going temperament to work on socialization and training outings in pet friendly locations.


Nothing too big or stressful.  We are also still working on getting him used to riding in the car and liking it.  Which is going very well now.  So a nice walk around Lowe’s with a few stops to do some basic obedience work and then exit before he become overwhelmed is right where we need to be.  He did phenomenal.  He isn’t walking in perfect heel or doing anything super fancy but he was happy, bright, and able to follow commands.  Just what I wanted to see.  I hope to continue to move forward at his pace.

Having a visit

It is important to experience new people and dogs.  Luckily our friends Alexandria and her wonderful Service Dog Trophy were able to come by and visit us on 8-15.  We had a super fun visit, even though half the pack is pretty nutty.  Blue enjoyed the visit, she has really started loving new people and even new dogs as she has gotten older.  Grimm was sad he couldn’t accompany us all out for dinner.  Not anywhere near ready for restaurants yet little man.  But he sure did enjoy chasing Trophy around the house and a quick training fun time with Alexandria.  Lots of good times for the Grimm.  We need to plan more play dates for him to keep him sharp.

First Grooming

Well, after a week of settling in Grimm got his first official poodle groom.  Would you look at that, he has a face.  He looked like a mud monster for a while there.  This is just the first of many grooms in little man’s future.  Can’t say he loved it but I think he will live.  He also had a trip to the vet for another round of shots (he is now almost finished with shots and his rabies is done).  He weighs in at 20lbs at 14weeks.  We’ll see how he grows.

A dark puppy arrives

After a great deal of thought, and contacting many breeders, I decided that best decision for now as to go with a well bred Standard Poodle puppy.  Grimm joined our home at 13weeks old on August 5th (his birthday is May 2nd 2017).  He has settled in well, even Poppy tolerates him pretty well.  His father is 80lbs, but he may never be large enough to do mobility work for me.  I am fine with that as he is smart and has a wonderful temperament which means he should be great for all of the other tasks I need.  Right now, after everything, I need steady.  Grimm is steady.

New home

This is not something I had ever imagined doing.  It was a hard decision to make but after getting multiple opinions from trainers, clearance from the vet, and contacting a couple more trainers and behaviorists we reached the conclusion that it would be better for Yarrow to be in a different home.  While she was comfortable with us, she was uncomfortable with us having visitors, and she was easily stressed by the other dogs and even the cat at times.  As we cannot rehome all of our other pets it was better for her to go to a quieter home where she would be the focus of attention.  It took time but we found her a single man who wanted a companion to just pal around with.  He is used to Pyrenees temperament, happy to have a dog to cuddle on the couch with, and she was instantly comfortable with him which is HUGE.  I hope that she will be very very happy, even if it is not with me.

Third Opinion

We met with a third trainer and got our third opinion.  We sat at Lowe’s for an hour together, Yarrow stressed and panting.  She did recover, it took about 45 minutes but she did decide she liked the “new strange lady” with all of the food who was impressed by the smallest tricks she did.  She did not like the people walking all around her, the sounds of the carts, or the cars driving past.  The final verdict was as expected, she is too anxious to work.  More than that, that she should be rehomed to a place where she is not surrounded by other dogs.  She has continued to have issues with Freyja, no blood drawn, but no obvious trigger either which is concerning with kids in the house.


I reached out to a behaviorist, another trainer.  Other than bringing her to more evaluations to hear the same thing there isn’t much to do.  I reached out to many rescues but none could accommodate her.   This is the one thing I never pictured doing, rehoming Yarrow.  I had imagined she would stay no matter what.  But I also didn’t imagine K9 Assisted Independence would turn out to be a scam, abuse my dog, and return her to me fearful and reactive.  It is hard to move forward from here.

A long road

There are many posts I would like to be making right now.  I never got a chance to post about our trip to Houston (we had a great time, my first convention in a wheelchair was bittersweet).  I was supposed to be posting Yarrow’s triumphant homecoming, ready to take on the world as partners.  Unfortunately that is not what this post will be either.


Yarrow has been home from board and train almost a month.  Long enough for the full magnitude of her issues to become apparent.  We are still waiting on a few more vet tests but the long term behavioral effects are all to clear; our future is not.  I’ve spoken with two trainers, one who met her while she was still at K9 Assisted Independence, one who evaluated her shortly after her return home.  One says wash her, she will never be stable.  The other says she may be able to rebuild.  They both agree she will never be as calm or confident as she was before her stay.  I have one more trainer to meet with.  One more opinion.  I know I could get a million opinions and it wouldn’t make this any easier.  I know what I would tell me if she weren’t my dog.  But she is my dog.  She is my dog and it is my fault she was ruined.


Our next few months will be difficult.  Full of hard work and hard decisions.  I don’t know what is going to happen next.  I do know this isn’t the way our story was supposed to unfold.



It has come to our attention that the persons known as Patricia Melton and Amanda Yera with the organization K9 Assisted Independence, are currently contacting people to solicit her training services.

These individuals are under investigation for fraud, animal abuse/neglect, and other illegal activities involving dog training and boarding. Patricia is privately messaging people to offer her services and has done so within the last day or so. Please avoid this person’s solicitations.

If either party contacts you, inform Hedy Starr, Olivia Miller, or Kelly Morris. If you already have a financial loss or claim against either individual, contact Kelli Birch for information on how to file a claim. All of the above individuals are available on Facebook.


A warning, a painful post to type

I have been quiet for a while.  Truly I have something I need to share that is weighing very heavily on me, something I didn’t want to have to type.    I had shared previously about sending Yarrow to K9 Assisted Independence for Board and Train, to work on some PA skills.  This is a program run by someone I thought I knew and trusted, someone I believed to be my friend.  Unfortunately I was wrong.  I have raised puppies for Patricia M. Melton and Amanda Yera.  Have communicated with them and done transport for them.  I did trust them.  I do not know how I missed what was going on under the surface.


Yarrow returned to me from her 2 month board and train on May 14th.  I will never know what happened at the K9 Assisted Independence facility in Blum Tx.  What I do know is that training did not.  My sweet girl was thin (though she was lucky to escape the starvation many of the other dogs endured), with poor coat.  She had large scabs around her neck and was missing her collar.  Patricia Melton informed me Yarrow and her dogs had “played rough” and the collar tore, she would replace it.  She is now nervous with women, head shy, fearful of strange places.  I do not know if she will overcome these things.  She has been assessed and the outlook is hopeful, but there is a great deal of work ahead of us.  Things we shouldn’t need to do.  She may never be comfortable working in public.  These people I trusted lied to me and abused my dog.


Patricia M. Melton and Amanda Yera are under investigation for fraud and animal abuse.  Patricia M. Melton has been contacting people and soliciting training clients.  Please be careful.

Puppy Progress

Whew, been so busy sort of forgot about updating.  So it has been a month and we are all adjusting.  Moppet is very different than my last few puppies.  A dog who actually wants to please people, crazy.  She is energetic, and demanding, but biddable.  We struggle a bit with settling into a routine.  She sure does love to fetch.


I miss Yarrow like part of me.  Can’t wait for her to be home.   We go to Comic-palooza in Mid-May for another Derby Bout (because it is all about Derby here).  The girls are going to stay at K9AI for the weekend and we should be picking Yarrow up then.  Sounds like she will be ready, and her two months will be officially up.  Not sure if Mops will be coming back with us or not.  I am sure she will be assessed while she is there, and I have a couple of concerns we need to discuss as far as her future is concerned.  We’ll see.  Until then we will just keep working on basics and socialization.