New Protocol day 9

Today didn’t start out great, for some reason my dogs are all crazy when it rains and it turns out Lad is no exception.  He spent most of yesterday refusing to do his business (even though it wasn’t actually raining just wet) and wound up peeing in his crate over night.  He gave no warning he needed to go, he has never actually peed in his crate before, not even as a tiny puppy so it was a bit of a shock to wake up to.  So the first thing I did this morning was wash a dog (who doesn’t appreciate baths) and clean a crate and bathroom.


That said he actually did very well with his training today.  We used his new vest and while he refused food the first time it was offered he did show any stress signals and was quickly taking food from my hand.  He was not able to run again today (because the yard is still wet) but he worked well anyway.  We were even able to work on pivoting and moving his rear end which looked great.  He pivoted a full circle backwards around me, something he has never been able to do before.  I will be taking him to Denia park again tonight for derby practice.


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